Miguel Hernandez is the Founder & CEO of the OpenMindz Group, a software development and engineering firm. He is a Web Developer and an Open Source Software and Linux Evangelist who promotes the use of open source software for community-building and in bridging the Digital Divide. He's contributed to various open source projects including OpenOffice.org, Drupal and Songbird. Since 2007, he's Founded & co-organized monthly meetups revolving around Drupal & open source software & co-produced tech conferences & hackathons in both English & Spanish. In 2007, he Founded Latinos In Tech- a tech meetup for Latinx professionals in tech & others who wanted to enter the tech world (the 1st of its kind in the USA). In 2008, he Founded Greater Los Angeles Drupal- a tech meetup revolving around Drupal topics & which, at its height, there were 8 meetups per month  on sub-topics like Performance, Mobile & Front-End development. In 2013, he Founded Software Libre United- the USA's first tech meetup, in Spanish, serving the Spanish-speaking community.  In 2016 & 2017, he was bestowed the National Volunteer Service Award- the United States of America's highest honor given to civilians- for his work in creating a curriculum & teaching Computer Literacy, in both English & Spanish, in South Central Los Angeles via the LA Public Libraries. He has had articles published at Wired.com, Ars Technica, Slashdot, Linux Journal, TechZulu and Massively.com.

In a previous life, he did Ph.D.-level Alzheimer's research, at the age of 17, & his work was published in the American Journal of Psychology.

While he loves everything Open Source, Linux, robots, ninjas, using tech for good & sharing knowledge with others, he cringes when writing in 3rd person.